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So many transitions are involved throughout the developmental years; physically, emotionally and socially.  Adding social media into the mix has amplified the weight of this challenging time and is eaffecting our youth’s nervous systems and wellbeing with alarming consequences.


Yoga, meditation, ritual, creativity and nurturing community dialogue are powerful resources to in helping youth to feel at home within their own bodies, develop self-esteem, regulate their nervous systems, learn to listen to and trust their intuition, recognize and celebrate the strength they hold both individually and collectively as a community. 


Youth sessions are focused on developing  techniques to relieve anxiety,  creating a safe environment and cultivating a nurturing and supportive community.


Since 2010, I have been dedicated developing programs in mindfulness for youth. I was awarded with the Teacher of Hope award from the City of Los Angeles in 2012 for my work with  with underserved youth at the Villa Esperanza Community Center. Since then, I have gone on to create the Yoga for Tween and Teen Girls program at Santa Monica Yoga, the Mindfulness Program for Youth at the Pico Youth and Family Center. I have worked with the Girl Scouts and World Groove Camp, providing yoga and meditation to youth.


If you would be interested in setting up a private group youth session or program for your organization, please contact me. 

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