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yoga + dream lab

Facilitated by Mercedes Gertz, PhD and Stacy TenHouten,  in Yoga and Dream Lab, a breath and movement practice, is used as a bridge to travel from our physical bodies to the inner landscape of our imagination and dreams.  We come out of our practice by drawing any images unearthed, which we then share with one another as a group.  These drawings allow us to explore our individual and collective symbolic language in order to  develop  a deeper understanding of one another and ourselves.  We call this a laboratory, because we never know who is going to show up as the teacher within the circle.  Yoga and Dream Lab is appropriate for anyone.  You do not need to know yoga or be an artist to participate. 

This class is currently being offered via Zoom on Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. PST -

CLICK HERE for info and registration!


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