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Stacy TenHouten is a  yoga teacher, writer and artist. She teaches with an intention of offering tools to help navigate and alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.  Stacy intimately and intuitively works with individuals and groups to help them cultivate sustainable, personalized practices of yoga, creativity and ritual that they can implement in their daily lives as a means for healing trauma and maintaining a sense of well being.


Stacy has been practicing yoga for over 30 years with a focus on trauma informed practices.  She received her Trauma Informed Yoga Certification under her mentor, Kyra Haglund, and Hala Khouri.   She has been fortunate to study with incredible teachers and healers from around the world throughout her own healing journey


Stacy works with both adult and youth groups.  She has led and developed programs in addiction recovery and healing sexual trauma and created a Trauma healing program for both youth and adults at the Pico Youth and Family Center in Santa Monica, California.  She  has been extremely active in supporting underserved youth in Los Angeles and in 2012 received the Teacher of Hope Award from the City of Los Angeles.  


In 2018, Stacy participated in a Dream Laboratory workshop with Mercedes Gertz.  In this workshop, the inspiration for her book, The House with Two Stories was birthed and a doorway was opened to the deep, transformational healing that can arise from imagination and dreams.  Mercedes generously extended an invitation to collaborate  in the Yoga Dream Lab, which continues to be one of the most rewarding and inspirational experiences of her life.


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